SEO Tracking and Keyword Monitoring

Know minute details about your domain authority, page authority, search engine ranking, and more.

Track your SEO Authority

Track your page authority, domain authority, and also review your MOZ ranking with Aritic PinPoint. Know where you rank on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Get insights of your SERP ranking

Track Backlinks to Your Website

Use our tools to track and trace the backlinks to your website. Know how many backlinks you have got and from whom. Monitor the quality of these links and work out strategies to increase the numbers.

Track Your Website Page Speed Score

Know your Google rank out of 100 by tracking your website page speed score. Monitor your mobile and desktop versions to understand your page score real-time.

Monitor Target keyword ranking in Search Engines

Define your keyword and find out where you rank with that keyword on popular search engines. Determine your SERP ranking on the basis of your most targeted keyword, and modify your content to go up the rank ladder.

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