Video marketing is a trend that’s on the insights of rising in recent years for B2B businesses and companies. It has become a major asset of a B2B marketing strategy because video content is good at capturing a prospects’ attention quickly. It is one of the most efficient ways to drive sales process in place of customer and buyer’s journey and ideal behaviors and attract many more marketing automation qualified leads.

A qualifying study by Email Monks reveals and defines that videos with emails realize up to 280% feedback? those without. A much recent report and insights done by the Aberdeen Group, states that 67% of institutions create brand publicity using videos. Also, 60% of such organizations use and include videos as a strategy to drive traffic and conversions while another 53% nurture marketing qualified leads MQLs using videos. And this really helps in generating qualified leads i.e qualify leads.

The question is how B2B marketers can seek advantage of this trend to boost their conversion rates?

I’ll brief you on six methods to attract many more B2B generate boost qualified marketing qualified leads with your video content.

1. Explainer Videos

To begin with, An explainer video is often an excellent way to attract the top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) qualified leads or sales qualified leads, which means, they come in handy while explaining and defining the challenges solved by your product or service and how profitable your company is to your customers list.

Explainer videos will look more effective when you want to create them by keeping in mind your buyers’ personas and their pain points.

At this point of time, However, identify if it fails to address the major pain points of your buyer’s persona, it will soon drop off. At this stage often, It is vital to do away with keyword research to know and find the topics and patterns that attract and drive highly qualified leads SQL ( sales qualified lead ) with a free and clear choice of the subject at hand and which fits the buyer personas.

The video should be straight to the point and determined to answer the B2B researcher’s title concerns and questions, making it inevitable for them to know and consume your content and enough data continually. Looking at Providing them a new and good product and service for purchase. For example, PandaDoc has this amazing one-minute time video that explains what it does.

2. Whiteboard Series

According to an explainer video can give a brief overview of what your product or services do. On the other side, ensure enough about looking whiteboard videos enable you to explore deeper into a feature, a specific benefit, or even a customer concern. It means You can use whiteboard videos for your broader education-based marketing tips and strategy.

They show sure you how you want to apply video marketing and sales role to enlighten B2B companies with high focus audiences and boost brand awareness. For example, In the below video Jelly Digital Marketing and PR explains how it can help you include design whiteboard videos. All rights reserved.

3. Webinars

Webinars offer an excellent way to use quality videos to join your audience engagement, it provides some level of interest and qualified service. Sometimes webinars can have guest speakers. That’s how exactly we determine will help you want to learn new and build a trusted reputation for your business, company/companies, or industry and might transform to generate b2b qualified leads or sales qualified lead into paying customers? it your job to take any action, it’s critical

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Next comes how to use it to build and repurpose content and data and move into other forms and factors such as slideshows, ebooks, infographics, and read articles, email for numerous channels.  I am sharing a webinar visually. Find a Solution on how it is about how you can solve within time and fit within your content hurdles. You can contact and invite prospects, buyers, and customers or call using the email address contacts number list.

4. How-To Videos

Nothing supersedes the convenience of a how-to video that shows you and talk about how to tackle a problem, the difference in a brief step-by-step plan. Make sure it becomes this kind of video gives new and clear instructions and learn on how to overcome challenges. Yet it can be particularly efficient at converting generate qualified leads or lead generation.

For instance, you can gate your video content behind a landing page or a blog post o any location and add qualified lead generation forms and data to it using a video platform. The below Example on How-To video by Moz gives content marketing and sales tips for B2B organizations or industries.

5. Testimonial and Case Study Videos

A testimonial video is a powerful way to reassure your business or companies qualified leads that you are the best option. See the thing, the difference, and identify the solution about testimonial videos is that you don’t have to create something really extraordinary and target. Make sure you tell your sales reps team to work together only need to record some of your customers talking about your product/service and how it applies to their daily life and consider those factors☺

Typically, In the same way, you can be able to set and create key case study videos that you link to in your sales-ready emails for the buyer email address to be able to display how your business, company, and organization has assisted your customers and prospects which converts/ conversion happens into qualified leads to a level of lead scoring. Fulfilled and successful target customers and company size of the people are excellent brand advocates.

Hence come a positive personal point story will have a significant, successful, and better impact on how B2B researchers rate and buy/purchase your product/services based on buyers. I am sharing the right testimonial video of Yum Yum Videos. All rights reserved.

6. Product Demo

Product demos often offer a good way to set and demonstrate and be ready with what your product does and how it tackles and interested in customer pain-points which might be critical. Share on X

It’s a process. You can even create demos for specific use cases and features. You need to think and add a lead capture form right at the end of your demo video which will capture qualified leads.

Typically, Live product demos intent for converting sales qualified leads ( SQL ). Your potential customer and clients are looking for better and new answers in various places, tools, software, site, and platforms on the product and services. If you explain how easy it is to purchase buy products and use the products and the features, it will most likely prove as the best option for the sales qualification lead and qualified leads. So use a marketing automation tool like HubSpot etc. Here is a product demo by Aritic PinPoint, a Marketing Automation suite.

Bottom Line

Content packed in a video is a powerful asset to enlighten your audience and offer engaging stories. It is really unique and helps in decision-making and being ready at every stage of the sales process with the sales team like a funnel. The important thing, however, is to distribute videos with information that aligns with your real specific focus audience and deemed level of interest for the right qualification.

The ideal videos can inspire reps, executives, managers, teams, with company size, vetted by the sales and marketing teams automation could work together. Actually, we understand that digital videos convert are based on more sets and generated and interest and moving than finding sales qualification leads into paying customers that’s is enough buying for sure.

In the end, What strategies and tips could you incorporate this year? Have you noticed video offers to have created the most success for your business, company, or industry? Do let us know. Connect to us on our social media platforms as well, like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Meghamala Paul is a passionate digital marketer with prominent experience in content writing. She loves to write content, whitepaper, case studies and all.


  1. Denise Rivera Reply

    You have very nicely distinguished different types of videos or similar methods. Every business has a diverse client population but we have to agree that millennials make up quite a large number of it. Millenials have the attention span of a goldfish. For one’s business to strive we must make it more alluring and at the same time, it should be informative. A video requires a lot less commitment from the audience and is engaging compared to written material.

  2. Jacqueline Foster Reply

    Videos have influenced every social media platform to a great extent, hence pay importance to how to incorporate videos so that we can convert more qualified leads into customers.

  3. Carl Cooper Reply

    Videos have always been a significant part of marketing. Hence it was even used for converting more qualified leads into customers. Thanks a lot, Pritha for such a well-written post.

  4. Evelyn Walker Reply

    Incorporate videos play a significant role in converting leads into customers. Thanks a lot, Pritha for updating the article about it.

  5. Nicole Collins Reply

    Video marketing is a great business strategy which must be followed by every marketer to proceed further. Thanks a lot for sharing the article.

  6. Sharon Ross Reply

    Converting leads into customers can be a tremendous hassle-free task with the help of videos. Thanks a lot, Pritha.

  7. Mary White Reply

    For converting leads into customers, incorporation of videos is as essential as video marketing. Great work, Pritha.

  8. People tend to have more interest in buying things that they see rather than those they read about. Having these 6 types of videos is a major plus for a business.

  9. Prateek Dash Reply

    Videos move beyond the traditional scope of marketing and generate qualified leads for your business. Consumers are already comfortable with videos. Marketers should take advantage of this trend in the business world.

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