Aritic Marketing Enterprise

Single Sign On

One sign on for your entire team. Manage and control all accounts, grant permissions or delete users from a single central directory. Access everything and monitor the database with the single sign-in option.

Role Based Access Control

As an admin, assign roles to each team member. We believe not all should do everything. Assign roles as per the requirements and maintain a balance within a team and your work. It is always better when there is less interference!

Data security

We are very serious about data privacy and understand your requirements at the same time. Aritic offers flexibility to fit in data privacy settings as per your needs. We believe in securing your data, not restricting you from doing business as you like.

Comprehensive Audit Logs

Trust Aritic for annual audit reports that comprise of everything you can think of- email campaign reports, bounce reports, clicks, landing pages performances, team collaboration, and so much more. Get an overview of all the services you bought, accessed, renewed or deleted or upgraded in one comprehensive audit log.

marketing enterprise-Comprehensive Audit Logs

Change Management

Since Aritic is a cloud-based platform, you are entitled to get manual support whenever an update is released. You need not worry about installation because that is our responsibility from day one. We provide written change management policies.

Change Management-Marketing Automation Strategy

Scalable infrastructure

We know your team is growing, your client portfolio is expanding and your deals are increasing manifold times. At Aritic, we ensure you high-end scalability. Let your business grow because Aritic grows with you. Whether you go from 50 clients to 500 or 50,000, we will never give you a scope to complain.

Scalable infrastructure-marketing automation technology

Team management

Manage your team seamlessly. Assign roles, look up what each team and its members are doing, the progress reports and so much more. Organise your team with advanced team management features.

Team management-Email Marketing Automation


Aritic offers a host of integrations with websites and mobiles, social media platforms and CRMs. You can integrate your existing CRM. We also provide help on On-boarding after 100 customers and related technical support.

Integrations-email marketing automation solutions
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