Dynamic Content

Dynamic content for your website and forms

Use Dynamic Content (or HTML content) on your website or forms or in emails to maintain the personalized touch in your content. Aritic PinPoint supports dynamic content in your forms, landing pages, emails, and also websites.

Customize the web experience according to different demographics

The best part of using dynamic content is that it changes according to the viewer. Use this to customize the web experience of every user according to their demographics. Make your content relevant and contextual rather than boring and plain.

Customize the experience of leads

Use the power of HTML content to customize and enhance the experience of each lead. Show them what they want to see. Design content that is highly relevant and adds to building a strong relationship with each lead on a personal level.

Change web content based on lead activity

As and when the lead activity changes, rely on dynamic content to make desired changes. Cater to the needs of every lead based on their activities and engage them more with relevant content.

Use dynamic content inside email template

Use dynamic content in your email for that extra touch of personalization. Reach out to every lead in a way that will appeal them, engage them with your content, and convert them into potential customers.

Multi-language support for dynamic content

Aritic PinPoint provides multi-language support for your dynamic content. Reach out to every lead across the globe without any language barriers. Connect, converse and convert leads into potential customers using dynamic content.

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