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Capture leads automatically with advanced web tracking

Use Aritic PinPoint to capture leads by tracking the user behavior automatically. With a robust and flexible CRM option, do more than just lead capturing and emailing.

Use smart Web-to-lead forms

Aritic PinPoint has smart web forms. Give your customers the option to fill in all the details later as well after they have provided the necessary information. This saves time and also makes the lead capturing process fast.

Engage your targeted audience with Gated video

Video engagement is a proven method to capture the attention of your customers. Use gated video to engage with your audience better. Create niche form that is highly targeted, and include in your video.

Build your social presence

Create a social brand image for your business with integrated social media platforms on Aritic PinPoint. Engage and interact with your audience real-time, and know them better. Leverage the power of social media to the fullest.

Import leads

Import all your leads easily to customize your marketing efforts. Attract customers with niche content and services.

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