Lead Management

Are you spending all your time chasing your visitors ?

Well, no more sweating it out unnecessary. Pursue leads that matter with the advanced lead management solution in Aritic marketing automation tool.

Smart Forms That Save Time

Break down your forms in segments, include personalized questions, and make your surveys short. Your customers can come back and fill up the form in more than one attempt without having to start from the scratch.

responsive forms

Landing Page Builder

Aritic automation tool provides easy drag and drop editor. You can build intuitive and highly converting landing pages by just dragging and dropping elements. You can also use pre-designed templates, in case you are not in a mood to design one or want to save time.


Social Media Profiling

Enhance your brand visibility and connect with more potential leads across various social media platforms. Post updates, run contests, share feedback, conduct surveys- there are so many things you can do; all from one single dashboard. Manage and maintain your updates, lists, and leads, simultaneously.

Social media profiling

Personalised Drip Campaigns

Set triggers to send personalized messages based on the actions or lead behaviors. If a lead has just opened your email, Aritic will send out the email that will contain content to redirect the lead to the landing pages. If a lead has subscribed from your landing page, Aritic will send that lead another message. All of these can be pre-set; all messages sent out as replies (Autoresponders) are highly personalized.

Personalized drip campaigns

Design workflow based on audience interest

Strategize and design a comprehensive workflow that aligns to your business and audience interest. Based on how your leads are behaving, set up triggers and follow-up actions.

Set a follow-up sequence based on the lead behaviour

Set a follow-up sequence based on the lead behavior and engagement. Each lead behaves differently. Thus, the follow-up sequence will also be different. Segment your leads based on few common factors, and set up a follow-up sequence that can lead to conversion.

Communicate via multiple channels

Communicate via multiple channels based on the current status of the lead: Starting with social media platforms to landing pages and emails, you have multiple channels to connect with your audience; all from one single dashboard. Manage and monitor your leads and connect with them time to time to make your relationship stronger.

Schedule meetings

Schedule meetings, also schedule follow-ups: Schedule clients meetings or demos for your customers. You can also schedule when to send a follow-up mail to your leads.

Add lead scores to each lead

Add lead scores to each lead, Set triggers for each action and assign particular scores for each type of action. Each action of your lead adds a point. More the points=better are the chances of conversion. Lead scoring is a transparent way to know which leads are worth your time and which needs more coaxing. And then there are leads that should be discarded.

Move leads to the CRM after conversion

Move leads to the CRM after conversion. The crucial part begins after lead conversion. From following up on the leads to ensuring they receive all updates and supports as and when required- everything is sorted here.

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