Marketing Automation For SAAS

Measure the success of your marketing campaigns based on how well they convert new prospects into paying customers

Automate your customer on-boarding process

Welcome your customers onboard and help them get started immediately after they have signed up. Automate the whole onboarding process by placing required links guiding them step by step to start using your product. Explain short term goals rather than overwhelming them with too much details. Sequence your emails accordingly.

Trigger events based on buyer's persona

Track and analyze your buyer’s persona and buying the pattern. Based on their activity and other demographics like age, sex, location, etc. , send out emails that are most relevant. If they are looking at your new product page, automatically send ou the email on how beneficial that product can be and why they must start using it asap.

Build adorable customer experience

Build a customer experience that helps customers connect with your brand. Reach out to your customers immediately when they have a query. Automate emails for such events. Make your customers believe that they are important.

Nurture leads at different stages

A customer lifecycle is a long process. Starting from signing up for your newsletter to starting to sue your product to buying and then continuing with your product- In this entire process, you need to keep nurturing each lead. Use Aritic PinPoint marketing features to nurture each lead in various stages of their lifecycle without a miss.

Find your sales ready lead with lead scoring

Aritic PinPoint gives you lead scoring feature wherein you add scores to each lead based on their engagement with your product. More the score, better are the chances of conversion. Spot these sales-ready leads immediately and shift to account-based marketing to target these leads.

One click integration to push contacts into CRM

Import or add new contacts seamlessly to your choice of CRM when working with Aritic Ma. Since Aritic Ma is built on an open platform, you can integrate your own CRM easily without losing out on your contacts.

Align your sales and marketing team on single platform

One platform for everything! Aritic PinPoint lets you bring together your sales and marketing team so that there is no drop in the funnel. Marketing and sales are connected. Align both the teams on one platform so that they can continue with lead nurturing and conversion on time.

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