Competitor monitoring to keep you one step ahead of your competitors

Know what your competitors are doing on all marketing channels. Stay ahead of the competition with proper insights into competitor indexing, social analysis, marketing analysis, and branding activities of your competitors. Get detailed knowledge about their business strategies, promotion gimmicks, and everything else that they are doing (and not doing) through detailed competitor analysis and monitoring.

Monitoring your competitors can take a lot of time. So, spend your time focusing on handling competitor changes while Aritic PinPoint handles competitor monitoring and website analytics for you. Forget manual checking of each of your competitors. Stay up-to-date with all competitor activities via Aritic PinPoint.

Track all marketing activities

Analyse and monitor pricing details

Dig-in deep into business strategy

Monitor SEO Activities of Your Competitors

Track, discover, and analyze the SEO activities of your most potential competitors. Know what SEO activities or changes they are doing, why and how – all from your Aritic PinPoint dashboard.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Get a detailed insight into the backlink history of your competitor – how many backlinks they have and from whom. Know more about what they are doing to get these quality backlinks.

Monitor Indexed Pages of your Competitors

Know how many indexed pages, new blogs, and so on are there for each of your competitors. Monitor these pages and get an insight into their SEO strategy.

Get ahead of your competitors
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