Dynamic Content

Show right content for the right customer using dynamic content

Engage your customers with the right content at the right time always. Use dynamic content (or HTML content) to trigger personalized engagement with your landing pages, forms, emails, and other marketing messages.

Dynamic content based on lead behaviour

Let your customers see what they want to see. Send targeted and relevant content based on web lead behaviour, app behaviour, demographics, recent search, and past purchase pattern.

  • Use predictive content in your videos and eBooks
  • Trigger more engagement by using dynamic content in email template
  • Multi-language support for dynamic content
  • Boost ROI with higher engagement
Dynamic Content

Trigger relevant push notifications

Drive your push notification campaigns (on web and mobile) based on lead behaviour, purchase history, demographics, and firmographics. Design behaviour-based drip push campaigns.

Know what content will work

Analyse all your resources within Aritic PinPoint and test your content. Know which content will work for which customer.

Increase email engagement with dynamic content

Trigger more engagement with relevant email content that aligns with your customer behaviour. Give them resources that they want to read.

Boost your ROI

Leverage content consumption, use your content resources to the maximum and create more conversions than before. Show your customers marketing message that they can’t ignore.

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