Quick Migration to Aritic Platform

Migration is definitely the least fun activity you can think of, what with losing out on important data, prospect details, and then trying to recover them somehow at the end of the data.

That’s why we have designed a seamless and quick migration option for our users. But before you migrate, we’d like you to address three basic questions:

  • How much or what you want to migrate?
  • How many prospects are there in your database?
  • Do you have records of the last conversations with each prospect?

When you address these questions, you automatically know which prospects are important for you and which are dormant. Once you are done with this, import your contacts as a .CSV file. Keep a tab on your sender reputation.

Now, let’s move.

Migration technicians at Aritic make migration seamless and transparent for you. It comes as a FREE service for users who have subscribed to the annual subscription of Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans respectively. Start migrating to Aritic without losing important data and prospect details. You can migrate various compatible assets from your old marketing automation system along with the following assets.

Existing contacts
Contact detail attributes
Email templates
Email campaigns
Landing pages
customer base marketing

Available Migrations

Aritic quick migration includes integration and migration of following:

Integration and setup of email sending accounts
Domain name configuration
Push notification integration
Website CMS integration
Twilio integration for SMS
Mailbox integration
Social media integration
Personalized drip campaigns

Migration to Aritic.com is supported from the following marketing automation tools







Scalable infrastructure-marketing automation technology




Salesforce Pardot