Marketing Automation For Affiliate Marketers

Get the maximum out of your marketing funnel with Affiliate Marketing, and drive in sales.

Boost conversions for advertisers and earn rewards with Aritic PinPoint’s niche solution for Affiliate Marketers like you.

Retain Viewers

Use exit pop-ups and download boxes to retain your viewers on your website. Use smart content, crispy surveys, and quick resource offerings to urge them in providing their email addresses. Monitor your website activity and work on your brand visibility.

Nurture and Monetize

Trigger emails on signing up, followed by onboarding emails and frequent updates on offers and discounts. A/B test your landing page, forms, templates, pop-ups, and other elements for better results.

Catalyze Conversions

Use cart abandonment feature to pull back viewers. Use promo codes and assign lead scores to identify the potential leads. Schedule drip campaigns with consistent design style and template, offer downloadable resources and installations for leads that provide contact details.

Join Hands with Other Affiliates

Be a part of networks where other affiliate marketers are present. Promote in these networks to get more exposure. Publish product reviews promoted by your partners, distribute the content via RSS to emails, offer account access to interested affiliates from your network.

Evaluate. Test. Optimize.

Get an overview of the email opens, conversion rates, and clicks. Assign scores to each lead and monitor their activities. Track every device and browser being used to discover your brand and content. Test various workflows, design elements, and content. Customize them as needed for an optimized result.

Integrate Systems to Leverage Marketing Efforts

Leverage your marketing efforts with a host of integration systems available on Aritic PinPoint. Do more than just building campaigns and email marketing. Upload CSV files to the CRMs and directly segment them. Manage your contacts with several CRMs available with Aritic PinPoint.

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