Marketing Automation For Bloggers

Build credibility and trust over time with your audience.

Grow your email lists with single/double opt-in forms

All you need to do is add a link to your lead magnet and place a form on your site. Aritic PinPoint will help you automatically tag your contacts with the topic that align with their interests. You can use this information to send targeted offers and niche content.

Know your audience and their needs

Track what each user is looking for. Understand what made them subscribe to your site and analyze their behavior. Know your audience inside-out to customize your marketing. Send out personalized content that is relevant to your audience.

Trigger campaigns right after you hit publish

Automate the email sequence on Aritic PinPoint right after you have published a content. Highlight your new content or announce about it going live to your subscribers. Simultaneously notify your team about that particular piece of content being live so that the follow-up sequence goes on smoothly.

Listen to your readers on social media

Social media platforms are a great way to know what your audience is expecting from you, how they are reacting to your present content, and also judge other competitors from their social media pages. Your readers are active on social media. Aritic PinPoint lets you analyze social media interactions to get a deeper insight into the reader’s mind.

Easy data Migration

Hassle-free data migration on Aritic PinPoint means you spend less time in switching and more on your marketing automation efforts. Aritic PinPoint team will provide you all the help you will need to migrate (although we are sure you can do it yourself. It’s that easy here).

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