Marketing Automation For Community

Bring in more leads to be a part of your community.

Conduct surveys, polls, and events for your community. Share valuable information and help your leads to build an exclusive network.

Spread the Word

Create attractive landing pages with smart web forms to capture leads online. Share stories and community updates pertaining to prospect’s interests. Engage on social media platforms to get the word out about your community.

Email Marketing for Enhanced Relationship Building

Create email campaigns, drip campaigns, and set autoresponders for your community updates, offers, stories, news, and other kinds of stuff. Design fully responsive email templates to help connect and communicate your community purpose to your leads effectively. Offer them the option to opt-out as well.

Retain Viewers

So you successfully brought your viewers to your website? Great. Retain them with a clean UI, exit pop-ups, and downloadable resources. Offer them trials and also show how your community is helping others.

Targeted Marketing

Segment your subscribers to send more targeted content. Create alerts and notifications for your subscribers to stay updated. Send content that they want and will benefit most. Include resources and materials to educate them about your community.

Integrate Systems to Leverage Marketing Practices

Leverage your marketing efforts with a host of integration systems available on Aritic PinPoint. Do more than just building campaigns and email marketing. Upload .csv files to the CRMs and directly segment them. Manage your contacts with several CRMs available with Aritic PinPoint.

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