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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ariticmail Whitelabel Email Marketing Service?

Ariticmail Whitelabel is a solution where you would be able to create, manage and charge your customers separately. With everyone having email sending and subscriber plans according to your pre-deigned plans.

Moreover, this application will be installed and configured on your own domain name, mapped to use our server, for example, at you can login as admin and your customers can login as user.

How much does Ariticmail Whitelabel cost?

Ariticmail Whitelabel solution is available at very affordable prices on per month recurring subscription, prepaid, which includes hosting, maintenance, updates and IT security.
Cost of sending emails are covered here:

Do I need a server to host Ariticmail Whitelabel?

No. Ariticmail Whitelabel email application suite is hosted on highly secure servers, you just need to sign-up for an account at Ariticmail website and get started with next steps.

Is it easy to set up Ariticmail Whitelabel Managed Email Marketing Solution?

Yes absolutely, its quite easy to get started with Ariticmail Whitelabel Email application suite. You just need to signup for an account, after that our sales and support team will contact and get you started with all setup.

Do I need separate domain to host Ariticmail Whitelabel?

It completely depends on your business requirements.

Can I configure our own domain name with Ariticmail Whitelabel?

Yes, absolutely. This is managed email marketing service for you.

How reliable are email deliveries?

Email deliveries from Ariticmail Whitelabel Email application are quite reliable. If you send text only relationship based emails to your prospects, then, their are fair changes that the email will make into Gmail Primary inbox too.

Is it possible to upgrade / downgrade my account at a later date?

Yes, you can do this from Ariticmail Whitelabel Price Plan menu.

How does the account cancellation work?

Yes, you can do this from Ariticmail Whitelabel Price Plan menu anytime.

What detail are required after I order Ariticmail Whitelabel Plan?

Once you you will request our team to get in touch with you, they will go ahead with setting up a demo session and will guide you through the complete process of requirements.

Does the Ariticmail integrate with a website contact form or provide one we can put on websites? If so, what is required to do this?

Yes. Ariticmail Whitelabel white label do have this feature under each email list.
You can generate form html code/embed code from each email list and integrate it into your website, after this, the entered subscriber automatically populate into mail list.

Can we have multiple address books for each customer?

Yes, all of the end customers will have separate login and separate email list and email campaign area.

Can customers import templates and campaigns from their existing supplier?

Yes!! But your customer will have to download / export email lists first from existing system and then upload in Ariticmail Whitelabel application.