Become an Aritic Affiliate

Partner with Aritic and have direct involvement in revenue growth through your content. Be an active member of our Affiliate program and enable the enterprise community to grow better. Earn up to $1,000 in commission for every product purchase that happens on Aritic. All you need to do is embed the affiliate links in your content and take advantage of our affiliate program.

Your Benefits of Joining our Affiliate Program

Start making revenue through your content

  • Earn up to $1,000 for every purchase on Aritic PinPoint. The amount depends on the product tier purchased.
  • We put zero restrictions or limitations on the commission you earn. No minimum limits for you.
  • Take full advantage of the 90-day cookie window.

Stay ahead with your content

  • Utilize our large content repository for all your content requirements.
  • Speak to our experts to get your content aligned for your specific audience.

Ample resources to succeed

  • Start tracking clicks, referrals, and commissions directly from your affiliate portal.
  • Build a 1:1 relationship with our affiliate expert assigned only for you.

Know where you fit

I am looking to monetize my content.

Start including Aritic PinPoint in your content – be it emails, blogs or social media.

I have a large enterprise network.

Connect us to your network and help us to learn and grow faster. We’re in it together.

I simply love Aritic.

We couldn’t be happier. Tell everyone you know why you love us and help us reach bigger audience faster.

Have questions? Read on

What is Aritic?

Aritic is a full-stack marketing automation suite. We’re trusted by over 1800 brands globally, and we commit to bring the best of automation into Aritic PinPoint. Visit to know more about us.

Our Products

Aritic PinPoint:The marketing automation tool to track, monitor, and convert leads into customers.

Aritic Sales CRM: The all-in-one smart sales solution to help you build better relationships with your customers. Save time at every stage of your funnel and boost overall revenue growth.

Aritic Desk: Our support product designed to resolve product-based issues through ticketing system.

Aritic Swarm: The communication-based tool for smarter and better messaging system.

What is Aritic's Affiliate Program?

It is designed to help you make revenue through referrals. Earn commissions by placing our affiliate links in your content. Joining our affiliate program will give you and your business a smarter way to add value to your site while exploring newer revenue opportunities.

Do I need to pay anything to become an affiliate?

No. All you need to do is signup as an Aritic affiliate. Best part is, there is no minimum limits for you to start earning your commission.

Is it mandatory for me to be a customer of Aritic products?

We’d love it if you use our products. However, there is no obligation on that.

What do I need to do to sign up for the affiliate program?

Simply fill up the form below (at the end of this page) and we will reach out on your email address to discuss.

I am a marketing/sales consultant/agency. Do I fit?

Our only criteria for you to become our affiliate is that you have to create lot of content. This program is about adding affiliate links on your contents like blogs or social media, webinars, etc.

If you want to directly refer clients, then you must check our Agency Partner Program or Sales Partner Program.

I have more questions

Contact our support team. We’ll be happy to answer.