Upcoming Event Reminder Workflow

Webinar Registration Follow-up

It’s awesome when someone shows interest in your upcoming webinar and registers immediately, well ahead of time. But chances are high that they will forget about it if you are not following up with them. Use this workflow to schedule … Read More

Event Marketing Followup

Install this simple workflow to stay connected with your leads. Send relevant and event-specific landing pages to keep the conversation going. Followup from time to time to avoid ‘out of sight-out of mind’ situation! Trigger the conversions as soon as … Read More

Webinar Registration Abandonment

Your webinar registration page is all set to give you a lot of registrants. However, any number less than 100% conversion rate means you can still work around your campaign. Re-send an invitation to anyone you know is interested in … Read More

Asset Download – Lead Magnet

Set up this simple workflow to deliver your promises made to your customers. This easy-to-set-up workflow is designed to ensure that your lead magnets are reaching your leads consistently, irrespective of when they sign up. BONUS: When you use Aritic … Read More

Engaged Contact/Evangelist Workflow

Engage your loyal contacts or evangelists with exclusive programs or promos. Track and identify those customers who’ve been very active on your website in the last 60 or 90 days and build exclusive offers for these contacts. Create customer advocacy … Read More