Double Optin for Subscribers

Ensure that you have the consent of your subscribers to send them marketing communication messages with the double opt-in subscription workflow. This method urges your subscribers to confirm their subscription by clicking on the confirmation link sent to the email … Read More

Automatic DND for invalid Emails

Increase email engagement by adding invalid emails to the do not disturb list. Sending out emails to invalid email IDs can increase your bounce rates as well as impact your email sending reputation. Automatically add such emails to the DND … Read More

Add Suppression List to a Segment

Filter out non-engaging or dormant or invalid email addresses from the list by creating suppression lists. It helps in keeping email lists clean and triggering more engagement from email campaigns. The workflow to add a suppression list is simple. Create … Read More

Automatic DND for a Segment

Stop all communications with a contact when they unsubscribe from your email lists. This workflow ensures that your emails never show up in the inboxes of leads who do not want to see them. Sometimes, a lead that has not … Read More