Lead Scoring

How about knowing which lead to follow up asap and which one can wait a while?

Lead scores feature in marketing automation tool can help here. Marketing automation tools assign scores to each lead based on their activities and engagements.

How do you know which ones are your targeted leads

Higher the lead score = hotter the lead = more are the chances of conversions. Those with the highest lead scores are the most potential leads. Those with an average score will need more nurturing. However, leads that have least scores can be left out. Target those leads that will benefit you.

Targeted leads-Marketing Automation Company

Target the hottest lead that are ready for sale

Why waste time behind leads that are never going to convert? Pursue and interact with leads that will add value to your business.

Lead scoring

How does lead scoring works ?

Trace the actions of your visitors

Use lead tracking code (aritic pixel code) on your website to track your leads. Each action of the lead earns them certain points. Based on the total lead scores, plan out your next move.

Assign points for every action

Aritic marketing automation tool lets you assign points to each lead based on their activities. For instance, a lead that has opened your email and followed the link to land on your landing page receives (assume) 5 points. When this lead subscribers, 5 more points are added. The total lead score becomes 10. Again, suppose another lead drops off from your landing page, it’s total score then remains just 5.

More lead score = Better chance of conversion

It is a simple calculation. A lead that has read your email, browsed through your landing page and website, subscribed to your platform is obviously interested (read: very) in what you have got to offer. Higher the lead score = More are the chances of conversion. Know which leads are worth your time and which leads are of no value.

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