Marketing Analytics to Stay ahead of the Curve

Get real-time marketing analytics and deeper insights of your marketing automation efforts.

Measure your brand performance through single dashboard

One dashboard for everything you do. Get insights on all your marketing efforts, see how your campaigns have fared, know what appealed your customers and how they engaged with your brand. Get detailed reports for deeper analysis on your brand performance and better lead management.

Measure brand performance in Marketing Automation

Track the Past for Future Plan-of-Actions

Aritic PinPoint puts descriptive marketing analytics into practice. Descriptive analytics lets you take a preview of past emails campaigns, texts, social media interactions, landing page building and activities, push notifications that were set, lead scoring for existing leads, and strategic visibility or brand visibility. You can pull in reports of past campaigns or activities to analyze and plan a new strategy.

Track the Past for Future Plan In Marketing Automation

Marketing analytics to track campaigns and pull reports

Get reports to track your email performance, SMS campaigns, social media efforts, landing page performance and push notification results. With detailed breakup on each component, get a step closer in designing marketing efforts that will give your brand instant gratification and long-term results.

Analytics to track campaigns in Marketing Automation

Strategic visibility with deeper marketing analytics

Give your brand image a boost with deeper marketing analytics. Identify the errors and also those efforts that have shown results. Align your marketing efforts for better brand visibility and boost your brand loyalty.

Strategic visibility with deeper analytics

Export reports in different formats for further analysis

Get reports in various formats for deeper analysis. The deeper you dig, the better it is for your marketing efforts. Analyze every nook and corner of your reports to get a better understanding of what will work, why and how.

Flexible Drag and drop editor

Calculate ROI of your campaigns

Get data from all your previous campaigns and activities to calculate the ROI of your previous campaigns. Identify the loopholes that might have brought down your overall ROI. Strategize your investments and chalk out a more optimized plan to increase sales revenue for your brand.

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