PinPoint Marketing Intelligence

Effective marketing automation that helps you to optimize your marketing campaigns, aligned with your audience preferences, using machine learning.

Intelligence Marketing Solution

Aritic PinPoint Intelligence Marketing solution enables you to dive deep into the campaign data and get an insight into when, where and how your marketing automation efforts are adding value to your business growth. It goes beyond just running some trivial reports and building beautiful graphs. It enables you to visualize recent marketing trends, evaluate campaign effectiveness and uses the power of “machine learning” to build an effective and efficient campaign, customized specifically for different needs of your audience.

Stop guessing. Start knowing for sure

In spite of all the developments in marketing automation technology, marketers are often unsure of what will give them results. Aritic PinPoint Marketing solution enables marketers to understand what exactly is working for them. A single interface shows all the campaigns’ diverse data compiled in a single dashboard. Every single detail about all the campaigns are put together for easy access and better planning.

Start, Measure, Learn, Incorporate, Repeat

In today’s digital world, data is present everywhere. The issue is to make sense of the huge volume of data present and incorporating the learning from them in the actual marketing effort. Continuous testing and iteration efforts help in building an effective marketing team. But to keep testing various scenarios and incorporating them into future marketing efforts can be a cumbersome process, if not impossible. Aritic PinPoint provides marketers with the necessary tools to carry out multiple iterations, to know what is working for them and incorporate the learning into future marketing campaigns rapidly and in a scalable way. This, in turn, boosts marketing team productivity as well.

Optimization of campaigns using the powerful Machine Learning process

It is a well known fact that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the next big things. Aritic PinPoint gathers data from not only individual organization’s data but also from anonymous data thata re collected from more than 200+ organizations who are using Aritic applications. When you pass these humongous data through the machine learning process, you get all the minute details about the current trends and audience preferences, which can be incorporated into the campaigns for better results.

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