• Smart Marketing Automation

    Build Relationship with Leads and Convert to Paying Customers Automatically

  • Send Personalized Emails

    Design Campaign and Send Personalized Text Emails Automatically

All-in-one Marketing Automation for Growing Business

Automate the email communication with prospects and nurture them to make sales

Create Landing Pages & Capture Leads

Create landing pages on fly and attract prospects, collect information thorough Aritic forms, add prospects to marketing campaign.

Automate Email Marketing Campaigns

Design the flow of sales process and automate email marketing campaigns for prospects.

Score Lead on Your Scale

Score Leads on their behaviour, actions and convert them to paying customers automatically.


Aritic is Powerful Yet Simple

Integrate Aritic with all you existing services and tools to reach leads effectively

Integrate with Website & Mobile

Aritic marketing automation tool is mobile compatible, you can easily track your lead activity on your website, across devices.

Social media Integration

Easily Integrate your Marketing Campaigns with Social Media, with social integrations, collect lead from various communities.

CRM Integration

Easily Integrate Aritic with CRM of your choice and transfer the the lead to CRM when they have become your customer.

aritic add-ons-social-crm-integrations

Use Aritic for free and see if it is right for your business. No credit card, no hassle!
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